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Our Unterhuben farm

We are located at an elevation of ca. 580 m at the foot of the Pankrazberg in the wonderful vacation region of Zillertal. You will be able to enjoy your farm holidays to the fullest: our farm is in a quiet location, surrounded by meadows, but not far from the town of Fügen.


Discover Unterhuben Farm (Video Holidaymaker Family)

The Management of our farm

Now to how we run our farm. We are still a full-time farm. We are a so-called "HÖRND´L-BAUERN", in other words we are a dairy farm. We make our living from selling our milk. Currently, there are ca. 40 cows in the barn, whose milk is delivered to the dairy every other day to be processed there into various dairy products.

The young cattle live in our second, very pleasant open-stall barn in Schlitters. My father and I, Johann, who in 2006 earned his master agricultural credentials, manage the farm. Of course, my mother and my girlfriend help out and also the children, Verena and Katharina.

The farm encompasses ca. 25 ha of grassland. Of course, a few pigs, calves, and cats are also a part of the farm. During the summer months, from June to the end of September, some of the cows and younger calves get to take a summer vacation on the high pastures. Staying out in the open countryside is, naturally enough, excellent for the cattle. And of course, the animals don't spend the rest of the year locked up in the barn either. They are out on the pasture to graze in spring as long as there is enough grass, and in autumn until the frost comes.

Stable and barns

It's interesting for children to watch or try different things in the stables or barn. Certainly you will understand that even animals need time to rest. During feeding times in the morning from 8:00 to 9:00 am and in the afternoon from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, you can go into the barns to your heart's content and watch or help out.

ATTENTION! We have made our farm as safe as humanly possible, however dangers still lurk in some places. Therefore we ask parents that, when no one is in the stables or barn, you don't let your children play there unattended.