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Farm history

The history of our farm

The "Hube" was one of the original farms in the region. It's assumed that the Obere Hube and Untere Hube were once part of the same estate, the HUBE. This is hinted at by the name and their side-by-side location. Also, the fact that the land on which both farms stood once belonged to the same manor, namely the Augustinian abbey at Rattenberg, makes this previous connection probable. Until 1818, part of the land of the Obere Hube even lay between plots of land belonging to the Untere Hube. The separation took place in 1555. From this point on, the Untere Hube remained in the same hands for several generations.

1914Purchase of the Unteren Hube by Johann Zeller from Stummerberg (Haarland)
1955Handover to the youngest son Josef Zeller (my grandfather)
1991Handover to Franz Zeller (my father)
2012Handover to Johann Zeller (me)
2013Building the freewheel stable