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Excursions in and around the Zillertal

Fügen alpine dairy - Zillertal cheese dairy

The cheese tradition up close. Visit the unique, original Zillertal cheese dairy. You will see that, since 1912, our equipment has changed, but definitely not our quality.

Alpine dairy Fügen

The Zillertalbahn

The nostalgic steam train chugs along even in winter! Full steam ahead through Zillertal's wintery landscape.


Fügen museum of local history

The Fügen museum of local history is housed in one of the oldest buildings of Fügen. Since 1979 you can learn all about the history of Fügen.

Museum Fügen

Silver Mine in Schwaz

The tour guide will take you on a journey back to the tough times once led by the miners of Schwaz in the heyday of silver mining. At the same time, you will gain astonishing insights into the important role that Schwaz once played in the Middle Ages.

Silver Mine Schwaz

Feuerwerk – an interactive world of wood

Experience this amazing natural product – wood – with every fiber of your being. A guided tour of the biomass district heating plant in Fügen allows you to do precisely that. And afterwards, sip on a cup of tea or a glass of wine as you enjoy views of the surrounding mountains.

HolzErlebniswelt Feuerwerk

Zillertal High Road

The Zillertal High Road is one of the most beautiful alpine roads in Austria, offering every visitor a simply glorious ride from 550 m to 2,020 m above sea level, either in your own car, by tour coach, public bus or, yes, even by bicycle. The High Road treats you to amazing impressions of the magically beautiful scenery of the Zillertal Alps. It is also the starting point for numerous mountain hikes. Length: 50 km, open to traffic from mid-May until late October (depending on snow conditions). Accessible from Ried, Kaltenbach, Aschau, Zellbergeben and Hippach. 

Zillertaler High Road

Schwaz Planetarium

Have any idea how many stars there are up in the sky? Experience countless goose-pimple moments and something new practically every minute. Programs include: The Magic of Stars, Our Planet Earth, Infinite, Origin of Life – with something here for everyone to enjoy.

Planetarium Schwaz

Marmot Land Zillertal

Unique experiences in the Zillertal mountains, Zillertal High Road, big playground for children, and a marmot colony – always well worth the trip.

Marmot Land Zillertal

Nature Trail in Hart im Zillertal

At 15 stations, info boards and interactive exhibits provide insights into the uniqueness of this countryside. The nature trail consists of two interconnected walking tours of 2 km (northern loop) and 2.5 km (southern route/waterfall), a family-friendly hiking experience that includes a visit to Schleier Waterfall. The bird theme path takes the same route as the nature trail, offering insights into our native bird life. With the help of info boards, 44 domestic bird species are presented.

Schleier Waterfall Hart

Zillertaler Speckstube

Experience the very essence of Fügen at the Zillertaler Speckstube, as you see how genuine Zillertal bacon is produced.

Zillertaler Speckstube

Swarowski Crystal Worlds

At Swarowski Crystal Worlds, open yourself to the enchantment of diamonds in various shapes and colors.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Farm Museum

At the Farm Museum in Kramsach, you can spend a wonderful day with your whole family. Show your children how people used to live on the farm in former times, the kinds of houses they built and how they slept at night. This hiking loop takes you through forest and fields. Highly recommended.

Farm Museum


The cuisine of Zillertal ranges from traditional Tyrolean dishes to international delicacies. Much of the food comes from our own farm, hunting grounds, or fishing waters. A few guesthouses are in the immediate vicinity, about 10 to 20min walking distance. The Gasthaus St. Pankraz, the Hotel Garni Alpina, the Hotel Kohlerhof or the Wohlfühl Hotel Schiestl.

Folk music / Discos / Pubs

You will find information about upcoming events in the tourist offices of the Zillertal region. Festivals and open-air concerts as well as Tyrolean evenings take place weekly in the region's 3 event halls. 4 dance clubs in Fügen/Hochfügen offer the most popular sounds of the season and give you the opportunity to dance to your heart's content. For somewhat quieter evenings and nights with music, we recommend our pubs and bars.