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Guest ABC

All information at a glance

Arrival    The rooms and apartments are available starting at ca. 4:00 pm.
BakeryHochfügenerstraße 7, 6263 Fügen
Ezeb: Gießenweg 5, 6263 Fügen
BankSparkasse: Karl-Mauracher-Weg 40, 6263 Fügen, next to M-Preis
Raiffeisen Bank: Franziskusweg 10, 6263 Fügen
BarnEntering the barn is at your own risk! In view of the fact that animals also need certain rest periods, we kindly ask you to enter the stable only during feeding times, approximately from 5pm. Furthermore, we ask you not to enter the room with dirty shoes/boots that were worn for the stable visit!
BeveragesDrinks are served in the breakfast room, which is open to everyone and self-service. Please note your beverage withdrawal carefully and reliably with name and room number in the beverage list.
Bill    So that payment is easy and stress-free, you are asked to pay the bill on the evening before your departure. The payment should be made only in €.
Bike rentYou can rent mountain bikes at the bike and ski rental "Unterlercher" right next to the federal road B169.
There is also a bike rental service at Fügen railway station. You can ride comfortably along the Ziller River and if you don't want to ride anymore, you can return your bike at any train station and continue by train.
Breakfast    From 8:00 to 9:30 am in the breakfast room. If you want to have breakfast earlier in the morning, please let us know one day in advance, thank you!
Bus & Train   The bus stop in Fügen is located at Fügen railway station and at the village pharmacy in the centre of the village. The nearest regional train station is in Jenbach. Timetables are available with the brochures in the entrance area.
Children    In our children's playroom in the basement you will find many great things. For example, a dartboard hangs, a small table-football table, a skittles game, painting materials and much more.
Please leave the playroom as it was found. For loss and intentional breaking of toys an extra charge of € 10,00 will be made. We ask for your understanding.
Coffee loungeYou have a chip with credit on your room or apartment key, you are welcome to get coffee after lunch!
Departure    We ask that the apartments are vacated by 9:00 am if possible and the rooms by 09:30 am.
Doctor    You will be provided with information in our guest-newspaper.
Excursions    See the documents in the folder in the breakfast room. They will provide you with information.
Food    The refrigerator and pantry in the coffee lounge and the pantry in the hallway are available for food you brought with you.
Garbage    Please help with waste separation.
GrillOur grill is available anytime for a sociable get-together.
HeatingOur heating is controlled by the outdoor temperature sensor. If the room temperature of 22 degrees is reached, the radiator switches off automatically.
Herb gardenMargit will gladly take the time to walk with you through the herb garden and explain the wonderful variety of our natural herb world.
Important numbersEURO emergency call 112
Rescue 144
Police 133
Fire department 122
Mountain Rescue 140
Medical emergency service 141
ARBÖ 123
InternetYou are welcome to access the network with your laptop, mobile phone or iPad via our WLAN.
Ironing    Upon request you can use the iron in the laundry room.
Laundry    The washing machine can be used for a fee.
Night's rest  Please note the night rest on the floors from 10pm.
Parking spaceParking spaces are available for our guests directly in front of the farm.
Partition wallsWe ask you to keep the partition wall between the rooms closed when you leave the rooms.
Pets    Only on request.
Pharmacy   Pharmacy St. Pankraz, Mag. Gehwolf,
Karl-Mauracher-Weg 36, 6263 Fügen, Tel: +43 5288 6700
Playground    With 2 tractors, 2 go-carts, buffing wheels, swing, spring rocker, sandbox with play tower and slide, trampoline (parents are liable for their children).
RestaurantsGasthaus St. Pankraz: 5 min. walk
Hotel Kohlerhof, Hotel Schiestl: at Hochfügnerstraße
Hotel Aignerhof: in the Center of Fügen
Resturant Edhof: in Kleinboden
Gasthaus Goglhof: on Fügenberg (Summer-, and Winter toboggan run)
Roof windowPlease close the window when leaving the apartment.
Rooms & ApartmentsIf you need additional pillows, blankets, hangers or towels, please let us know.
On Sundays and holidays we do not clean the rooms. (e.g.: New Year's Day, ...)
Shopping possibilityM-Preis: on Hochfügenerstraße
SPAR-Supermarkt: B 169
SkibusThe ski bus stop for Hochfügen is next to the Spieljochbahn and for Hochzillertal (Kaltenbach) the bus leaves from Fügen station.
Ski & SkibootsYour skis & ski boots can be deposited in the designated room.
To open the door from outside, use the front door key.
Ski RentalSport Rainer Uderns, a family business
Skischool    See the brochures in the entrance area.
Smoking    All our rooms and apartments are "non-smoking rooms". Ashtrays are available on the terrace, on the balcony and outside.
Tobogganing    Toboggans/sleds can be rented at the house (with a deposit).
Towels    Do you know how many tons of towels are washed daily world-wide in hotels and inns? Help us to save valuable water and protect the environment. If you would like new towels, throw your old ones on the floor and you will receive fresh ones. Thanks!!
TVIn the lounge with SA TV, ORF 1, ORF 2, and in every room and apartment only with SA TV.

Concerning garbage in the rooms and apartments!

Because the environment and nature are very close to our hearts, we place great importance on proper waste separation. Please help us separate the trash!

You can find garbage bags under the sink. Separation goes as follows:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic (plastic cups, cartons)
  • White and colored glass separate
  • Aluminum (sheets and cans)

For the rest of the garbage there is a black container behind the barns.For food leftovers, there is a bucket under the sink (Please no orange peels, banana peels, coffee filters, tea bags...). 

You can put the garbage bags and bucket in the area behind the breakfast room in the morning.
We will gather the sorted garbage and take it to the local trash dump.

If the garbage is not separated, you will be charged a flat fee of € 15.00.