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Guest ABC

ArrivalThe rooms and apartments are available starting at ca. 2:00 pm.
DepartureWe ask that the apartments are vacated by 9:00 am if possible and the rooms by 09:30 am.
DoctorYou will be provided with information about on-duty doctors and pharmacies.
ExcursionsSee the documents in the folder in the breakfast room; They will provide you with information.
IroningUpon request you can use the iron in the laundry room.
TVIn the lounge with SA TV, ORF 1, ORF 2, and in every room and apartment only with SA TV.
BreakfastFrom 8:00 to 10:00 am in the breakfast room.
GrillOur grill is available anytime for a sociable get-together.
TowelsDo you know how many tons of towels are washed daily world-wide in hotels and inns? Help us to save valuable water and protect the environment. If you would like new towels, throw your old ones on the floor and you will receive fresh ones. Thanks!!
PetsWe don't ecxpet pets.
Coffee loungeCan be used to make snacks.

Parents are asked to make sure that their children are not running in the hallways or on the balcony in the morning or evening hours, or making too much noise. We ask that you have consideration for other guests who have already gone to bed or are still sleeping.
FoodThe refrigerator and pantry in the coffee lounge and the pantry in the hallway are available for food you brought with you.
GarbagePlease help with waste separation.
BillSo that payment is easy and stress-free, you are asked to pay the bill on the evening before your departure. The payment should be made only in €.
TobogganingToboggans/sleds can be rented at the house (with a deposit).
Poolsee the brochures in the entrance area.
Skischoolsee the brochures in the entrance area.
Ski RentalSport Rainer Uderns, a family business
PlaygroundWith swings, slide, 2 see-saws, jungle gym, sand-box, trampoline (parents are responsible for their children).
Play roomFor lost and intentionally broken toys, we charge the parents € 10.00.
StablesEnter the barns at your own risk! Considering that animals need rest, we ask that you only enter the barns during feeding times. We also ask that you do not reenter your room with dirty shoes/boots that were worn in the barn!
TelephoneIs in the office, available upon request.
LaundryThe washing machine can be used for a fee.

Concerning garbage in the rooms and apartments!

Because the environment and nature are very close to our hearts, we place great importance on proper waste separation. Please help us separate the trash!

You can find garbage bags under the sink. Separation goes as follows:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic (plastic cups, cartons)
  • White and colored glass separate
  • Aluminum (sheets and cans)

For the rest of the garbage there is a black container behind the barns.For food leftovers, there is a bucket under the sink (Please no orange peels, banana peels, coffee filters, tea bags...). 

You can put the garbage bags and bucket in the area behind the breakfast room in the morning.
We will gather the sorted garbage and take it to the local trash dump.

If the garbage is not separated, you will be charged a flat fee of € 15.00.

  • Calm location
  • Parking facilities
  • Bread service
  • Ski room & dryer
  • Family friendly
  • Bus stop